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I'm Penny Rene and I've been writing like this since I was twelve years old. My first journal was blue and pink and had a unicorn on it. Back then I wrote about my family and friends, the threat of nuclear war, the opposite sex, MTV and God. Everything I wrote was true (from my perspective) and that hasn't changed. I'm not a fiction writer. What you read here are snapshots of my life.

My resume makes me look schizophrenic.
But the one thing each job or career had in common was that they all required an insane amount of creativity and communication skills.
I like to think of this website as my ultimate communication piece, like a sculpture of a three legged dancer on the coffee table of your day.

"milk memo" was started in 1999, at the suggestion of a few of my friends who enjoyed my writing and wanted more. It became a semi-weekly column that was emailed to a list of a few hundred subscribers. In 2000 I started getting a website up so that I would be able to manage my mailing list and continue to grow my readership. In 2005 it finally came together after I married a web designer.
(You do what you gotta do)

I grew up in Oklahoma and since then I've exercised my right to wander the globe, landing in places like Nashville, Birmingham, NYC, Southern California, Manchester England, and Romania. Currently I'm working on moving to New Jersey. You heard me.

I'm still married to the web guy, Mike. He's too talented for his own good. We are madly in love and we have a daughter named August Moon.

I like coffee, anything Mac, oatmeal cookies, the smell of fresh cut grass, conversational blogs, music that makes me swoon, thick cotton socks, John Cusak, old peeps holding hands, burning wood, spooning, maps, old cameras and photographs, documenting living space through photography, green teas, baths, the sound of Morgan Freeman's voice, handwritten letters and cards, The New York Times magazine, traveling to un-westernized places, Chez Lu Lu restaurant in Birmingham, AL, clean sheets, NPR, Nashville, Romania, England, Switzerland, dark beer, old houses, new plumbing, CD art, the Zurich airport, new canvas, Converse All Stars, Moran's in Manhattan, meeting people from other countries, shag carpet, making love, making babies, full bookshelves, granny blankets, hats, shoes, watches, open land, my name on comp guest lists, gnomes, and Yiddish.

I'm truly interested in what you have to say. If anything, it's just good to know you're out there cruising the web and stopped by to say hello. I do my best to answer all my emails. I love reading your thoughts. But if you have a comment about my blog or my milk memos, it's best if you use the comment feature, as I will likely want to post your comment anyway.

On that note, differing opinions, and unsolicited advice are the norm in my comments. Were you all to agree with me, I'd be very bored. Still, please understand that this is my personal website and I am most often not looking to carry on a long debate about any particular subject. I am merely thinking out-loud. Ideally, you will read something here and go on to discuss your thoughts about what I've said with friends and family and other kind bystanders. If I don't respond to a question you've asked, it is likely because I feel I have already answered it in my original post or I assumed you were thinking out loud too or I simply have no desire to defend or explain my writings beyond what is already here.

By design my website tracks visitors carefully. If you send me hateful, obscene or threatening comments or emails, all the information I can gather on you will be posted here including but not limited to your name, location, and email address.

Thanks for reading.