7 · Aug · 2007


The blog is closed. Thank you to everyone who read over the years.

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24 · Oct · 2006

Time Zone: EST

We're in New Jersey.

God help the in-laws. We're going to send them to an early grave.

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23 · Sep · 2006

I Am Penny Rene

I changed my bio. Updated it. Wrote it myself. Have a looksee.

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17 · Sep · 2006

Your Mailbox

From this point on, I will be seperating my blog from my milk memos entirely. Meaning, my blog is just that - my daily ramblings, thoughts, cheers and boos. It will not contain my political commentary or articles and such. I am doing this so that if you are only interested in my randomness about family, music, bodliy functions and general banter, (Hi mom!) you can stay on that notifications list and never have to read a milk memo.
Because, admittedly, milk memos may contain my opinions on war, moral traps, religion, sex, and issues that start fist fights when someone has had too much to drink.

HOWEVER.... if you do want to continue getting notifications when I write new milk memos, please do email me and let me know.
OR... if you are only getting email notifications when I write a milk memo but want to know when I write the randomness, you should tell me that to. I have the power to fix that glitch.

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5 · Jul · 2006


If you would like to be added to my notification list for milk memos, or my regular blog, please let me know. Basically, you get this nifty email letting you know that I've made an update (New Entry or New Milk Memo), a short excerpt from that entry, and you can click directly on a link that will take you there. Mike will be adding a simple little button below every entry to remind newcomers, but if you want to get in on it now, say the word!



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3 · Jul · 2006


The Poetry/ Lyrics section is now being filled in. I don't write much poetry anymore, but I have about 250 poems and songs that I have written over the years. When it was possible for me to know the date the piece was written, I have put that in my database. But, being that there are so many, sometimes I look at a piece and wonder not only when I wrote it, but who or what I wrote it about.

If you know me well or if you have been a milk memo reader since the begining, you will recognize some of the subject matter. You may even recognize yourself in the lines. But as I have said before, my writing, especally my lyrics and poetry are snapshots of moments in time. Think of your high school graduation photo. Be gracious. Thank you.

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27 · Jun · 2006

And 4 months later....

Um, so I am no longer waiting on the baby. She's here! I guess I got so caught up in the excitement, that I forgot to update this section. Also, I have added a TON of back Milk Memos and soon Mike will get the poetry section set up soon so I can get all that on here too. After all, that is how my writing days began. (Thanks Steve!)

Anywho, there's more to come. Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon.

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4 · Mar · 2006

Baby. Birth. Waiting.

No baby yet. but as soon as she arrives, we'll let you know!!!

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20 · Jan · 2006

Need Help With Milk Memo dates

In posting all my old milk memos, you will notice that I don't know the original publishing date of most of them. So, for those of you who do, please drop me a line to let me know when you first remember reading each milk memo in your mailbox. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
- Penny

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2 · Jan · 2006

LOA - Better that DOA

I am officialy on a Leave of Absence from my insurance supplier. That's what us artist types should call our jobs we keep because we need the health insurance.

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