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Sister Mary,
the virgin queen,
Let’s not forget she was thirteen.

the royal ruler,
stored her heart in a portable cooler.

she was a doll
with boobs as hard as cannon balls.

Norma Jean
became a star
and took our pity a bit too far.

the greatest poet
moved a mountain but didn’t know it.

he had three angels.
‘Twas prostitution from any angle.

Sue Ellen,
the Texas Ewing,
said all her troubles were JR’s doing.

Dolly’s D
begged my pardon.
I had mere buds in my garden.

she was a Duke
and all her denim made me puke.

Brenda Walsh,
that zip code bitch,
now rides high as a slutty witch.

Lady Di
held my attention
but staying sane was her true intention.

Hilary C.,
our own first Lady,
is a political tramp who makes me crazy

Tell what shall I find to admire?
Where shall I look for example?
Show me a one with a spotless record
I see a reputation to trample!

Believe me, dear one I have many a stone,
laying here at my feet
And I know how to throw, I’ve seen it done
As these were thrown at me

Don’t think for a moment that you are safe
Though you appear free from blame
If you plan to succeed, get used to the dirt
It’ll soon be soiling your name.

Posted by Penny Rene at December 3, 1999 01:19 PM

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