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Fair Friend

Old firend of fair and warmest eyes
and embrace that frees my feet
to know you, still, on darkest day
I consider quite a treat

Twas long ago I learned my fate
when you spoke with broken smile
of the one who owned your heart
and had claimed you all the while

I didn’t speak my sadness,
but wiped my silent tears
On your wedding day I made my vow
to let friendship fill my years

It’s difficult to crush a hope
and turn upon a dime
To do so is confession
that love was never mine

Your faithfulness and guarded wit-
I will expect nothing less
I take your hand with good intent
and hope you never guess

That rewind the clock
and choice be made
I’d turn my love to you
And thank my lord
for this regret
that I never knew.

Posted by Penny Rene at November 4, 1999 10:24 AM

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